Applications and Concepts

Applications of the work of the group:

  • Political analysis of transboundary water settings
  • Evidence-based consultancy for water resources management
  • Evidence-based consultancy for governance and politics of water
  • Strategic planning and diplomacy on transboundary settings
  • Intellectual products

The London Water Research Group has coined and developed the following concepts:

  • Virtual Water (‘embedded’ water)
  • Problemshed
  • Analytical Framework of Hydro-Hegemony ©, for analysis of transboundary waterconflicts
  • Framework of Effective Cooperation ©, basis for creation of transboundary water regime
  • Conceptual approach of Transboundary Waters Interaction NexuS (TWINS) ©, for analysis of conflictive and cooperative actor interaction
  • Analytical Framework of Counter Hydro-Hegemony

International network of water professionals, activists and scholars

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