The London Water Research Group is a network of researchers and instiutions working on issues of water security at different scales and in various contexts.

Practitioners & Researchers

The LWRG covers a range of topics to do with water security, water management and economics, water/food/trade, investment into land and water, transboundary water analysis and the water/energy nexus.
There is a vibrant community of university staff, postgraduate researchers, policymakers, activists, and practitioners associated with the LWRG, working on issues such as investment in land and water, hydropower, corporate water governance, the virtual water trade and watershed ecosystem services.
For details of core members of the London Water Research Group, visit our “Practitioners & Researchers” page.


The London Water Research Group serves as an umbrella organisation for and partner to various academic and community groups around the world.
For more information, visit our “Institutions” page.

International network of water professionals, activists and scholars

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