Practitioners and Researchers

CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems
Dr Nathanial Matthews

Georgetown University
Dr Marwa Daoudy

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Dr Martin Keulertz

Institute of Development Studies
Dr Jeremy Allouche

King’s College London
Professor Tony Allan
Dr Kristofer Chan
Rebecca L. Farnum
Francesca Greco
Harris Kuemmerle
Dr Naho Mirumachi
Dr Daanish Mustafa

London School of Economics
Dr Declan Conway
Dr Michael Mason

LTS International
Melvin Woodhouse

Sandia National Laboratories
Dr Elizabeth Kistin Keller

Stockholm International Water Institute
Dr Ana Cascão
Dr Anders Jägerskog

Université libre de Bruxelles
Dr Alexis Carles

University College Cork
Owen McIntyre

University of East Anglia
Dr Nina Hissen
Dr Hussam Hussein
Dr Bruce Lankford
Dr Mark Zeitoun

University of Strathclyde
Stephanie Hawkins

University of Sussex
Dr Jan Selby

Wageningen University
Dr Jeroen Warner

Liz Burlon, Utilities Consultant at Accenture
Heather Elaydi, Research Fellow at West Asia North Africa Institute
Jenny Fraser, Water Program Analyst, Government of British Columbia
Nick Hepworth, Water Witness International
Clemens Messerschmid
Bart Schoonbaert
Dr Raya Stephan, Water Lawyer
Mia Tamarin, Legal Consultant
Charles D. Thompson, Analytical Chemist, IAEA
Dr Tony Turton, Environmental Engineering Institute of Africa

International network of water professionals, activists and scholars

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