The London Water Research Group facilitates various research projects. Below are a few highlights. For more, see the work of the UEA Water Security Research Centre and King’s Water.

Click on the hyperlink to see the full texts, working group reports, and presentations.


Transboundary Water issues:

  • Zeitoun, M. & Mirumachi, N. (2008). Transboundary water interaction I: Reconsidering conflict and cooperation. International Environmental Agreements 8: 297–316.
  • Zeitoun, M., Mirumachi, N., & Warner, J. (2011). Transboundary water interaction II: The influence of ‘soft’ power.  International Environmental Agreements 11:159–178. 
  • Zeitoun, W., Cascao, A., Warner, J., Mirumachi, N., Matthews, N., Menga, F., & Farnum, R. (2017). Transboundary Water Interaction III: Contesting hegemonic arrangements.  International Environmental Agreements 17(2): 271–294 
  • Warner, J., Mirumachi, N., Farnum, R., Grandi, M., Menga, F., Zeitoun, M. (2017). Transboundary ‘hydro‐hegemony’: 10 years later. WIREs Water 4(6): e1242. 
  • Zeitoun, W., Warner, J., Mirumachi, N., Matthews, N., McLaughlin, K., Woodhouse, M., Cascao, A., & Allan, A. (2014). Transboundary Water Justice: a Combined Reading of Critical Transboundary Water Interaction and ‘Justice’, for analysis and diplomacy. Water Policy, 16: 174–193. 

Financing Water Resources:

Institutions and Institutional Reform:

Water and Energy:

Water and Food Trade:

Water Management and Economics:

Water Quality

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